Theater Wolfsburg

Klieverhagen 50, 38440 Wolfsburg, T: +49 (0) 5361 267338

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In 1973, the plans of the famous architect Hans Scharoun for the creation of a new theater in the district of Klieversberg, Wolfsburg, were brought to life. The theater is an architectural highlight and offers space for an audience of 745 for musical theater performances and 801 for plays in its large and elegant auditorium. One of the longest theater foyers entices the audience into the auditorium through a world full of passion, dramatics, excitement, and entertainment.

The Wolfsburg Theater offers national and international guest performance as well as in-house productions for all ages. These diverse and outstanding theater shows cover everything from opera, operetta, musicals, concerts, ballet, modern dance, comedy, tragedy, variety, and readings as well as youth and childrens’ theater. Visit us at our newly refurbished theatre!

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Theater Wolfsburg

Theater Wolfsburg, , 38440 Wolfsburg