Sights of the region

Wolfsburg and the surrounding area are always worth a visit.

Culture, history, art and nature – here are the attractions and highlights close to the designer outlets Wolfsburg.


Art, culture, technology and design

Phæno Wolfsburg

The world of phenomena

Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg

Museum of contemporary and modern art

VfL Wolfsburg

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Kultur am Schachtweg


North Germany's biggest leisure and adventure park

Wakepark Wolfsburg

Wakeboard and waterskipark

VFL Fussballwelt

Join the team!


Sports and recreation for all ages

Planetarium Wolfsburg

Star gazing in Wolfsburg and the surrounding area

Schloss Wolfsburg

Magnificent testimony to the North German Renaissance

eMobility Cube Wolfsburg

ECARS and EBIKES in Wolfsburg


Showcase for electric mobility and alternative energy production.

Burg Neuhaus

The long and varied history of Castle Neuhaus

EHC Grizzly Adams

Grizzly Adams Wolfsburg show top-class Ice Hockey

Stadtmuseum Schloss Wolfsburg

Castle and Town history at a glance

Theater Wolfsburg

Theater Wolfsburg, , 38440 Wolfsburg

Hoffmann von Fallersleben-Museum

Life and work of the poet Hofmann von Fallersleben