Hallenbad - Zentrum junge Kultur GmbH,
Schachtweg 31, 38440 Wolfsburg, T: 05361 2728102

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If you’re in the mood for culture, Wolfsburg has a venue that you won’t find anywhere else: A former swimming pool with a very special ambience! In 2007, after extensive renovation work, the former swimming pool became a multi-faceted cultural center that bears the old charm in its name: The indoor swimming pool! The Hallenbad is a place that is open to people who want to attend a wide variety of events, for partygoers and night owls, but also for creative people who want to rent practice rooms and studios or use the in-house recording studio.

And of course the music! Hardly anywhere else is it possible to experience bands, concerts, solo artists or DJs in this special atmosphere. Whether in the former swimmers’ pool between the white tiles under the illuminated diving tower, on the large stage in the former non-swimmers’ pool, in the sauna club or open air in the beer garden. Every event in the indoor pool is a unique experience.

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A former swimming pool with a very special ambience!

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