Schloss Wolfsburg

Schloßstraße 8, 38448 Wolfsburg, T: +49 (0) 5361 828540

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The Wolfsburg castle with its ornate gables and characteristic onion-shaped dome was developed from the sixteenth century onward into one of the most the greatest examples of the North German Renaissance. Each year, the city of Wolfsburg organizes the international summer theater at Wolfsburg castle. Further big events include advent season at the castle, Schlossnacht (“A Night at the Castle”), Frühlingszauber (“Spring Magic”), and Gartenromantik (“Garden Romance”) as well as the Festival of Cultures every two years.

A tour of the castle and its historic interior gives a fascinating insight into the history of the more than 700-year old monument. Booking information about the tours as well as prices and tour times are available at the city museum. Tel: +49 5361 8285-40.

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