Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg

Hollerplatz 1, 38440 Wolfsburg, T: +49 (0) 5361 26690

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A lively and dynamic center for the teaching of modern and contemporary art

The Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg opened in 1994, with a retrospective of modern French artist Fernand Léger. Today, it already has a unique history of many relevant exhibitions and events. In no time, the house has found a regional base as well as international recognition. The museum is dedicated to contemporary and modern art and combines a variety of media, from paintings to sculptures and photography, video and new media to fashion and design. The imposing modernist building located in the city center showcases both temporary exhibitions and works from the collection on 3500 square meters of exhibition space.

The museum acts as a forum for engaging with contemporary and modern art. The development of its own collection and a dedicated exhibition program form the basis for teaching a local and international audience; in order to increase understanding, appreciation and enthusiasm for modern art. The museum serves as a platform for global communication and initiates dialogues with art-related disciplines such as design, architecture, music, dance, literature and philosophy. The pioneering work that started with the house’s foundation in 1994, is being renewed since 2006, with a new topical orientation of the exhibition program: in thematic exhibits under the motto “The Future of Modernity in the 21st Century”, the museum traces the artistic ideas of modernity and questions their relevance for the future. Taking into account Wolfsburg’s uniqueness as a newly founded, modern city, this motto lends the museum a specific content profile.

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