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Traditional brand for high-quality men's shirts, ladies' blouses, knitwear, accessories and sleepwear

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You set high standards when choosing your clothing? High-quality materials, meticulous workmanship and an unmistakable, individual style are important to you? Then you’ve come the right place at van Laack!

When Heinrich van Laack founded his company in 1881 in Berlin, he had a specific goal in mind:
he wanted to manufacture the best shirt in the world.
His vision still stands today, as van Laack sets high quality standards based on many years of experience in the manufacturing of high-quality shirts and blouses, a method which has made the company become known as a synonym for craftsmanship, precision work, and love for detail.

The products of van Laack excel by high-quality materials, the best workmanship and a distinctive and individual style.
The best weavers in the world are producing selected fabrics for van Laack, made from the highest-quality yarns. The characteristic van Laack button with three holes is manufactured using the Trochacea deep-sea snail and is sewn on with a button shank, which provides the button with extra durability. If you value your own style, you can express your individuality by wearing a tailor-made shirt. For over 130 years, these qualities have made van Laack an unmistakable address for people with a good taste and are furthermore the reason for the company’s being valued worldwide by connoisseurs and an exclusive clientele.

Today, van Laack offers a complete women’s and men’s collection with shirts and blouses as well as other garments and accessories. In addition, van Laack offers an exclusive program with shirts for boys and girls since 2011. Van Laack is no longer known only in Germany, but on all continents. Berlin, Paris or New York: flagship stores can be found on the main shopping streets in all major fashion capitals.


The range of the van Laack outlet store in Wolfsburg includes a variety of the fashion company’s extremely popular garments. While in men’s fashion, van Laack’s distinctive shirts and youthful polo shirts are a real bestseller, sophisticated women can create stylish outfits with chic blouses and noble dresses. Van Laack’s models always impress with their straightforward and detailed style.


But which attributes characterize the perfect shirt by van Laack ? Innovative designs and a wide range of colors guarantee a modern yet timeless look. Whether you decide on the classic van Laack business shirt or the casual leisure model, thanks to various cuts such as “Tailor Fit” or “Slim Fit Body”, the desired fit is always ensured. Excellent, top-quality materials like flowing silk or cozy knits also ensure a glamorous feel.

Visit us in the VAN LAACK outlet store in Wolfsburg - it's worth it!


van Laack Outlet Shop
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T: +49 (0) 5361 2727151