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atelier torino stands for purposeful themes and contemporary fashion the Italian way. Highest-quality materials, stylish designs, perfect manufacturing and fit emphasize the products’ quality. Market-oriented themes and innovative action programmes are aimed at a modern, trendy target group.

Atelier Torino – more than fashion

atelier torino is more than just fashion – it’s a lifestyle. The contemporary designs of the creatives behind the brand name sparkle with Italian elegance and passion. The sophisticated combination of sporty styles with classic, elegant materials and intricate details especially excites young, fashionable men.

Let’s mix & match

The product range available in the Wolfsburg outlet store offers suitable atelier torino creations for every occasion. Besides chic shirts, pants and shoes, it’s the cool Casual Jacket as well as atelier torino’s modular system for suits that convinces customers. True to the motto “mix & match”, all clients can let their joy of combination run free, while straightforward designs with modern classic elements meet exquisite Italian materials. High-quality royal silk, cashmere or innovative mixes of wool and silk allow for extraordinary wearing comfort thanks to climate-regulating characteristics and the best manufacturing. The label atelier torino is managed by Wilvorst Herrenmoden GmbH from Northeim.

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