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Tefal: “Not Tefal? Not interested!”

A healthy diet is essential for a balanced lifestyle. Low-fat foods and perfectly cooked ingredients are particularly important for your well-being as well as the sustainable use of resources. The kitchen appliances from Tefal allow you to retain natural flavors and aromas.

The Right Coating for Every Purpose

Pans from Tefal are famous for their excellent non-stick coating, which prevents burnt on stains and lets you fry food using very little fat. The steam cooker, rice cooker, multi-cooker, pot-sets, pressure cooker, raclette, fondue and wok by Tefal also allow for low-fat and efficient cooking. Even the deep fryers – specifically the Actifry AirFryer – make it possible to cook crispy meals with little oil. The table grills, contact grills (Optigrills), and electric BBQs enable you to cook meat and fish effortlessly and the special ceramic pans make crispy and professional frying a breeze. A stable frying temperature is essential for meat dishes. The pans from the Tefal Gourmet range help you maintain the perfect temperature with their integrated thermometer. The French brand has been part of the Groupe SEB for the last 60 years, ensuring quality and customer satisfaction throughout. The famous international TV chef Jamie Oliver was so convinced of the products that he released a line of Tefal potbs, pans and kitchen accessories together with the company. His German colleague, TV chef Steffen Hessler, also works as a brand ambassador.

Much More Than Just Pans

Alongside many useful kitchen products, such as bake ware, ceramic knives, and induction cookers, you will find a range of high-quality clothes irons and steam ironing stations, which even allow you to iron silk. Our Tefal outlet store at designer outlets Wolfsburg is well worth stopping by for a visit!

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