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WMF is a traditional company which can look back on a long and successful history. Design and quality have been an integral part of its corporate philosophy from the very beginning: just a few years after the founding of “Metallwarenfabrik Straub & Schweizer”, its silver-plated tableware and serving utensils were awarded prizes at London’s Great Exhibition in 1862. To this day, WMF’s high-quality, functional and attractively-designed products bear an unmistakable signature that is renowned the world over.

Cooking and pleasure – high-quality products by WMF

At the WMF Outlet Store in Wolfsburg, you’ll be able to find everything your heart could desire: Sets of pots and pans that even meet professional requirements. High-quality cutlery, glasses and accessories that turn every table into a sight to behold. Coffee machines that ensure every day starts well.

Discover the world of WMF and make the most of the great deals at the WMF Outlet Store in Wolfsburg!

Sharp knives, beautiful glasses, precious moments

Preparing and eating food is just as much a part of our daily life as sleeping and breathing. WMF products enable these everyday occurrences to become moments of pleasure: chopping with the extra-sharp knives from the knife collection; the exhilaration of cooking, simmering and roasting thanks to pots, pans and roasting trays that work perfectly. The pleasant feeling of well-being that is sparked by being able to sit down at a beautifully laid table for dinner. And, of course, the pleasure of drinking a good wine, chilled water or sparkling prosecco from an elegant glass!

For WMF, cooking is an experience that combines aesthetics, function and utility. As a result, the company works with international designers from a wide range of different disciplines. The outcome: high-quality products that function perfectly, accompanying connoisseurs through their everyday lives – and bringing people together for “precious” moments.

Visit us in the WMF outlet store in Wolfsburg - it's worth it!


WMF Outlet Shop
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