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Even a small silver earring or a rose gold bracelet has the power to add more glamour and glitter to everyday life. That’s why the Swarovski brand is on a mission to create watches, jewellery and accessories that let women continuously reinvent themselves, whether they are on the commute to the office or accepting an invitation to dinner. Sometimes it’s the elegant necklace that no one can ignore, sometimes it’s a ring with brilliant crystals that draws the eye to the hands. In the Swarovski Outlet Store Wolfsburg, gemstone lovers experience the sparkling diversity of this traditional family business.

Luxury for all wonderful women

Hair clips embellished with rhinestones, delicate earrings made of the finest rose gold or bracelets with charms make the perfect gifts because they guarantee joy filled hearts and smiling faces. The value and incomparable charisma of extravagant watches, timeless jewellery and decorative accessories is not defined by price – the Austrian manufacturer welcomes every woman into the magical world of crystals. Anyone visiting the Swarovski Outlet Store Wolfsburg will understand this, because the charismatic effect of each creation cannot be adequately described in words. They are a statement for anyone who loves inspiring and creative jewellery!

A legacy of craftsmanship

In 1895, Daniel Swarovski established the brand of the same name to allow his artistry and expertise in crystals to be visible, shaped and tangible. His vision to create “a diamond for everyone” has long since become a reality, but the company’s creative potential has not yet been exhausted. Swarovski emits new positive energy every year: from enchanting jewellery and watches that create and capture magical moments to decorative accessories such as ceramics, glassware and porcelain giving immeasurable sources of inspiration for personal self-fulfilment in your own home.

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