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The PUMA brand was founded in Herzogenaurach in 1948. Its founder Rudolf Dassler turned the label into one of the largest manufacturers of sportswear in the world. But to understand the origins of PUMA, we have to go back into the year 1920 and include Rudolf’s brother Adolf. In that year, the brothers began producing different kinds of sports shoes in their mother’s laundry.


In 1948, the paths of the two dissimilar brothers diverged. In Herzogenaurach, Rudolf Dassler became his brother Adolf’s competitor. The jumping PUMA of north and south America became the icon of the new sports label under Rudolf Dassler. In the beginning, it was mainly the soccer shoes that added to the brand’s popularity and had a curved line as a simplified symbol on their sides. Technical innovations such as screw in boots provided further success. Turbulent times ensued. In the mid-nineties, the company faced a crisis, but chairman Jochen Zeitz managed to save the company by extending the product range.


PUMA set new standards and turned the range extension into a trend. Besides sports shoes and sportswear, PUMA now offers other shoes, sneakers, children’s shoes, bags and fashion and lifestyle items. Especially the cooperation with Jil Sander added to PUMA’s young, fresh and sporty image – up till today. Besides functional sportswear, from sports shoes to jerseys, interested customers will also find further accessories from the PUMA world well below standard prices.

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PUMA Outlet Shop
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T: +49 (0) 5361 2728143