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Puma is more than just a sports brand; it embodies a way of life. Founded with the goal of blending sports and style, Puma has always rewritten the rules of sports fashion. As a global leader in sportswear, Puma isn’t just found alongside the fastest athletes on the field but also in the wardrobes of people who value quality and style. The Puma Outlet Store in Wolfsburg is the perfect place to experience this passion and dedication. Here, you’ll discover not only top-notch sportswear and shoe fashion but also a lifestyle that combines athleticism and elegance.

A Diverse Selection for the Whole Family

At the Puma Outlet Store in Wolfsburg, you’ll find an impressive array of sportswear, leisurewear, shoes, and accessories that cater to every generation. You’ll find comfortable joggers, high-quality training and sweat jackets, water-resistant windbreakers, cozy hoodies, as well as premium underwear and trendy sneaker socks. For those in search of practical accessories, the store offers a wide range of caps, swim shoes, and sports bags. The entire family will find the perfect outfit here, one that impresses both in terms of sportiness and style.

Shoes for Every Occasion and Lifestyle

Our shoe collection leaves no desires unfulfilled, encompassing football boots like the Future 5.1 for passionate athletes, as well as kids’ shoes for the future athletes of tomorrow. For those who love running, various styles of running shoes are available. Additionally, we provide a wide range of sneakers, including Puma R78, Puma Future Rider, Puma Suede, Puma Speedcat, Puma Ca Pro, Puma Cali, Puma Mayze Leather, and many more.

At the Puma Outlet Store in Wolfsburg, you’ll discover high-quality sportswear and shoes that will make you look outstanding both during your leisure time and while working out.

Visit us in the PUMA outlet store in Wolfsburg - it's worth it!


PUMA Outlet Shop
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T: +49 (0) 5361 2728143