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With Ravensburger games, rainy Sundays or mobile-free afternoons no longer have to be boring. From paint by numbers and puzzles to brain and logic games – this family-owned company has been providing colourful, homely entertainment beyond the digital world for over 135 years. The range of games, books and other activities not only appeals to children and young people, but to all age groups. The long-standing brand’s values such as happiness, education and togetherness can now also be experienced at the Ravensburger outlet store in Wolfsburg. Even at a distance, fans recognise the toys by the characteristic blue triangle on the packaging.

Jigsaw puzzles, games, books and paint by numbers for young and old

Anyone who has not tried being a “Make’n’Break” builder or has never been to Ravensburger’s “Sagaland” has missed out! Games like “Labyrinth”, “The Castles of Burgundy” and “Nobody is perfect” ensure smiling faces across the generations. And most of us grew up with “Schnappt Hubi!”, “Tempo, kleine Schnecke!” and “Plitsch-Platsch Pinguin” – games that everyone remembers fondly, which also taught important social skills at the same time. Classics like “Scotland Yard” and “Lotti Karotti” as well as many other games are now also available at the Ravensburger outlet store in Wolfsburg.

Fun and purpose for the heart and mind

Ravensburger has always appealed to a broad base. Its activities and games need a bit of concentration, a little imagination, and some social skills, and just put everyone in a good mood. Using high-quality materials in production is just as important as the care and dedication that goes into manufacturing. This also applies to the other brands in the group, including BRIO wooden toys for children and Thinkfun® brain and logic games with a fun guarantee. Alea, FX Schmid, Alga, Wonder Forge, Rubik’s and Carlit are also part of the Ravensburger family.

Visit us in the RAVENSBURGER outlet store in Wolfsburg - it's worth it!


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