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One of the world’s leading sportswear brands, Adidas shows in their outlet store in Wolfsburg that shopping Adidas products can be a real bargain.

Adidas – more than just a shoe

Founded by Adolf Dassler in 1949, the company Adidas established worldwide popularity with the “Miracle of Bern” at the latest. The innovative brand’s soccer shoes not only inspire the players of the German national team, but also convince amateur kickers old and young with their unique combination of design and functionality. The formula of success of Adidas soccer and gym shoes is their remarkably high-quality layout: light-weight upper materials, light-weight inner soles with anatomically optimized shaping, as well as a comfortable outer soles according to newest standards guarantee maximum grip on natural and dry grounds.

Athleticism meets trendiness

Adidas also firmly established themselves in the running segment: heat regulating garments in sophisticated styles make for maximum wearing comfort. In our Adidas outlet store, trendy models of hip fashion line Adidas Originals are available at rock bottom prices as well. Whether it’s casual bags for training or uni, or practical jerseys, Adidas designs are always adorned with the characteristic three stripes. 300 square meters full of great bargains and offers in soccer, running, training, swimwear, tennis, golf, outdoor and Adidas Originals are waiting for you.

Visit us in the ADIDAS outlet store in Wolfsburg - it's worth it!


Adidas Outlet Shop
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T: 05361 6542800