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The professional and quality surf wear of O’Neill, their trendy beach looks and innovative sports products are now available at unbeatable prices at the designer outlets Wolfsburg.

Fun and action sports are the focus

The famous Californian surf, snowboard and lifestyle brand was created in 1952 when young Jack O’Neill translated his irrepressible passion for surfing, Mother Nature and her elements into a groundbreaking invention: the pioneer invented the neoprene wetsuit.

Shortly thereafter, Jack O’Neill opened the world’s first surf shop in San Francisco – in his garage. Since those humble beginnings, even though much has changed, Jack’s first vision, to develop functional and innovative surfing products, will forever remain the core of the company’s philosophy. That’s why the invention of the board leash was also made by O’Neill.

O’Neill’s values – innovation in style and technology – devote themselves wholeheartedly to the evolution of adventurous action sports. With products like the first seamless surf shorts and a range of ground-breaking electronic devices, O’Neill will continue to drive his impulse towards innovation in the future as well.

High level of competence when it comes to functional sportswear

Today you can find the O’Neill brand all over the world, at the famous surfing spots in Hawaii, Brazil or California, on the glaciers of the Alps or on the slopes in glamorous Aspen – sports apparel by O’Neill keeps what it promises: ingenuity, functionality, innovation in materials and design – and of course a distinctive style in both color and design. All this is now available at extremely reduced prices in the O’Neill outlet store, at the designer outlets in Wolfsburg.

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