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This store is operated and supplied by the Levi Strauss Germany GmbH.

When Levi Strauss emigrated from Germany to the U.S., nobody suspected that, in 1853, he would found a company that would soon become the worldwide eptitome for denim clothing.

Levi’s® equipped the prospectors and pioneers of California with tough, durable and resistant work wear, until America’s teenager turned Levi’s® jeans into a symbol of their social rebellion in the 50s. Today, Levi’s® is known worldwide as the original, combining unique authenticity with cutting-edge denim design.


The Levi’s brand has already provided generations of jeans wearers with unique denim creations. From close-fitting to casual cuts, subtle to striking washes and varied colors – the popular Levi’s pants’ range of variation is impressive. All models exude the carefree American charm that provides every wearer with a sense of freedom and self-confidence.


In our outlet store in Wolfsburg, denim fans can expect a wide range of popular Levi’s products. Above all, the original Fit 501 Jeans – a real classic. These pants are cut straight up to the waist with slightly flared legs and have the typical placket. Ever since the foundation of the company they have proven to be robust and stylish at the same time. Those who favor ultimate convenience prefer the model 506, a 5-pocket jeans with straight legs. The 511 Slim is suitable for all men who love their jeans tight. Other licensed products such as the trendy Levi’s denim jacket and comfortable shoes complete our range.

Visit us in the LEVI’S outlet store in Wolfsburg - it's worth it!


Levi's Outlet Shop
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T: +49 (0) 5361 6093833