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Take a group of guys with a soft spot for denim and get them to launch a jeans collection. That’s how simple the Jack & Jones brand’s recipe for success is. It’s now been around 25 years since the then founders breathed a breath of fresh air into the men’s clothing market. And that fresh air is still around to this day: while the fashion brand does continue to focus on jeans, its product range has now come to include boxer shorts, bomber jackets, cargo trousers, hoodies, shoes, bags and accessories as well. Because jeans alone don’t make a man! Today’s guys have big closets, and they need filling. No problem at all with fashion and styles from the Jack & Jones outlet store in Wolfsburg.

Because one way or the other…

Whether it’s casual jogging bottoms or smart cargo trousers, neat quilted jackets or cool leather jackets – Jack & Jones makes it easy for guys who know their trends and fashion to put together a wardrobe for every occasion. All products are characterised by the best material quality, a variety of fits, and being very comfortable to wear. Stylish personalised outfits can be created from individual pieces in no time. It’s good to know that collections in the Jack & Jones outlet store in Wolfsburg don’t just include classic jeans, but also trendy summer and winter jackets, comfy cargo trousers, fashionable jogging bottoms, as well as many other items of clothing.

Welcome to the club!

Anyone wearing Jack & Jones jeans, hoodies, or leather jackets will instantly feel like they’re part of a greater cause: Because this fashion band is more than just a synonym for high-quality, casual men’s clothing. Rather, it stands for a community that knows no drama where touring the shops becomes a happy adventure. With its range of clothes, shoes, bags and accessories, Jack & Jones is always there for its guys. It’s the love and passion for denim which connects everyone wearing jeans and jackets.

Visit us in the JACK&JONES outlet store in Wolfsburg - it's worth it!


Jack&Jones Outlet Shop
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