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Philosophy & Offer

The core brand of GARCIA will always remain denim – specifically jeans. The range in jeans is unsurpassed, whether boyfriend jeans, ripped jeans, slim fit jeans, boot-cut jeans, destroyed jeans or skinny jeans. In the designer outlets Wolfsburg, you can look forward to the complete range of the product portfolio: trousers, jackets, coats, for men and women, as well as skirts and dresses for women. In addition, there is a wide range for boys and girls.


In the year 1972, Maurizio and Isabella GARCIA opened one of the very first jeans factories in Italy. In Urbania – later known as “La valle dei jeans”: Jeans Vallery – Maurizio’s passion for craftsmanship and beautiful jeans comes into its own. In addition to his work for other well-known brands, Maurizio also decided to create his own brand, which he names after his great love: Isabella GARCIA. The GARCIA brand is born.

In the late 1970s, a Dutch buyer named Martin Kouwenberg began to buy jeans from Maurizio’s factory on a grand scale. In the year 1985, Maurizio gets into financial difficulties when one of his main customers goes bankrupt. Maurizio sold his company to Kouwenberg, who has become a good friend of his and makes him promise to uphold the brand’s legacy.

Today, the combination of Italian passion and Dutch entrepreneurship makes the GARCIA brand what it is today: a fashion brand with jeans at its heart.

Allora, ora e per sempre.
Then, now and forever.


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GARCIA Outlet Shop
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T: +49 (0) 5361 7006059