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What you wear under your clothes matters! Because whether pants, bras or boxer shorts fit properly and feel good on the body is written all over the face of women and men, girls and boys. If you rely on sloggi, you won’t have to worry about your positive charisma. The basics and maxis of the popular brand from Triumph are real skin cuddlers: soft, comfortable and incredibly seductive. This underwear lays claim to being far more than just bodywear. It sees itself as a way of life. Bustiers, bodysuits, briefs, thongs and bralettes from the sloggi outlet store in Wolfsburg all encourage people to be themselves.

Simply WOW!

… namely WOW Comfort, EVER Fresh, GO Allround, Body Adapt, ZERO Feel and ZERO Feel Lace. Behind these names are the bodywear collections that promise ultimate comfort for every taste and body shape. Sometimes without seams, sometimes without underwiring. Sometimes as good as invisible, sometimes hardly noticeable. But always functional and super comfortable on the skin. In the sloggi outlet store in Wolfsburg, the bras, bralettes, briefs, boxer shorts, and bodysuits of the modern product series are just waiting to bring style, freedom of movement and well-being to every woman or man.

Put comfort first, second … and third!

“Not uncomfortable” is not enough for sloggi. The brand’s underwear and vests are made from high-quality, healthy and breathable materials, are ultra-comfortable and fit like a second skin. This applies to the wireless smart WOW Comfort bra and the seamless ZERO Feel bralette, as well as to the Body Adapt Maxi and Midi briefs. With sloggi, the underwear adapts to the body and to movement, not the other way round. So who is surprised that women and men worldwide are strongly attracted to the innovative brand?

Visit us in the SLOGGI outlet store in Wolfsburg - it's worth it!


SLOGGI Outlet Shop
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T: 05361 893500