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Lagostina – Conscious Enjoyment

Italy is known for its exquisite cuisine: the enjoyment of food and freshly cooked meals seasoned with fresh herbs. Dishes passionately cooked to perfection that have become part of the tradition of Italian families. “La dolce vita” would be unimaginable without the enjoyment of good food. For the Italian family company Lagostina, tradition and quality play a special role.

Quality Meets Design

The products by Lagostina are produced with a passion for detail. The brand’s exquisitely designed pots and pans are classically elegant pieces of kitchen equipment that should be part of every household. The cooking utensils will win you over with their perfect design and excellent quality. To this day 100 years after the establishment of the company, the sophisticated craftsmanship is second to none as the kitchenware is made to bring joy to generations of cooking enthusiasts.

Lagostina is known for its stainless steel pots with the company’s special five-layer technology, which provides the products’ unique sheen and makes them outstandingly robust. Pots, pans, and all other kitchenware are an absolute must for the cooking connoisseur as they combine quality and “la dolce vita” like no other company on the market. It is no wonder then that the name of the pasta pot designed by Lagostina with its integrated strainer has become a part of the Italian language: Pastaiola.

La Dolce Vita To Take Home

In our Lagostina outlet store in the designer outlets Wolfsburg, you will find pots, pans, kitchen appliances, and many more products from the traditional Italian company. Stop by and take home some of Italy’s passion for cooking.

Visit us in the LAGOSTINA outlet store in Wolfsburg - it's worth it!


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