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Whether a nourishing foot butter, a soothing bath additive for the cold and flu season, a refreshing aromatic shower or a clarifying healing earth mask – the name Kneipp on bath and body care products is a guarantee of better health and well-being. This is because the holistic teachings of priest and naturalist Sebastian Kneipp, who gave the brand its name, still form the foundation for developing new patents and working principles. Kneipp’s teachings are based on the five pillars of plants, water, exercise, nutrition and balance, which are more important today than ever. The Kneipp Outlet Store in Wolfsburg will give you an idea of just how varied and effective personal hygiene and care can look, and how good it can smell.

Bath additives, foam showers and shampoos for all senses

If you open up your bathroom to ‘Kneipp remedies and specialities’, you’ll be bringing an extra dose of relaxation and wellness into your own home. They’re an ointment for the soul, and promise cleansing, relief, protection, and care as part of a soothing treatment. If you want nothing but natural bath and body care products or herbal medicines for your skin or body, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for at the Kneipp Outlet Store in Wolfsburg: Indulgent bath crystals and cream showers, revitalising 24-hour face creams and fat-free dry oils, gentle scrubs and fresh, tangy sauna infusions, fragrance sticks to bring a holiday vibe to your home, plus many more products for truly joyful moments in life.

Company with heritage – Made in Germany

The first ‘Rev. Seb. Kneipp’ cosmetic product was sold in a pharmacy in Würzburg in 1891. Today, the brand is an international business but is still based in the southern German city, and still reflects on Sebastian Kneipp’s advice whenever it adds to its product range. The legacy of his life’s research stretches across borders, though: Today, people in over 18 countries treat themselves and their bodies with aromatic showers, bath additives and bath crystals from Kneipp.

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Kneipp Outlet Shop
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T: +49 (0) 5361 7006090