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Handmade burgers and fresh fries for individualists

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Monday – Thursday 11 – 20.30 h
Friday & Saturday 11 – 21 h


In 1986, a couple in Arlington, Virginia, advised their five sons to either start a business or go to college. The brothers decided on the former and, from that point on, stirred up the gastronomy scene with Five Guys – soon worldwide. After just the first bite, it becomes clear that there is a dedicated crew with excellent taste behind these burgers and fries. The ingredients are fresh and of high quality. No microwaves or freezers are used, and you won’t find a tin opener in the kitchen. Talking of which, anyone can take a look in there at the Five Guys Restaurant at the Wolfsburg outlet store, because all orders are prepared in front of the guests.

A variety of tastes across the board

The menu includes burgers, fries, hot dogs, sandwiches and milkshakes. “Straightforward”, you might think. But the only thing that is straightforward are the prices, because your burger can be topped with numerous delicious toppings for free, depending on your taste. In purely mathematical terms, this results in more than 250,000 different possible combinations. And that doesn’t even include the customisation options for hot dogs, sandwiches and milkshakes. There is also a range of soft drinks on offer that includes over 100 flavour varieties, because there is a Coca-Cola freestyle vending machine in the restaurant. It’s a good thing that refills in the Five Guys outlet store in Wolfsburg are free of charge.

Burger’n’fries meets rock’n’roll

When it comes to the fries – you can choose either classic or spicy – the pre-selection has already been made: that is to say, the fries, freshly cut from whole potatoes, are fried exclusively in peanut oil. And because you eat with your eyes first, not only are the portions appetisingly arranged, but the ambience is also very tasteful. You eat in front of a backdrop of red and white tiles and, on top of sight, smell and taste, another sense is also addressed – that of hearing. Because, in a Five Guys restaurant, rock music forms the soundtrack to the taste experience.

Visit us in the FIVE GUYS outlet store in Wolfsburg - it's worth it!


Five Guys
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T: 05361 7008220