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In 1967, the Swedes Rolf Lind, Gothenburg Huss and the American Jerry O’Sheets had a vision in Stockholm. They wanted to offer young people straightforward fashion suiting their lifestyle and emphasizing their personality. They created the fashion label Marc O’Polo. Their idea: “To use natural materials like cotton, wool, linen, silk. Because only natural materials can give our clothes the look we want them to have! We use synthetics Only When we have to.”

“Nature’s materials” was and is the heart and soul of Marc O’Polo, the core of its brand identity. Marc O’Polo became a fashion innovator and quickly developed into a pioneer of premium casual wear in Europe.


Marc O’Polo’s clothing is characterized by the unique casual style combining classic cuts with urban elements. Fashion lovers with a flair for trends will definitely find what they’re looking for in our Marc O’Polo outlet store. The extensive range includes elegant dresses as well as a selection of nifty accessories at top prices. Marc O’Polo fashion especially excels with its multitude of combination possibilities. The new blouse is not just suitable for the office, but also for the after-work stop at a bar – and the chic jacket can be taken from the family occasion right to the theater.


The designers have stayed true to use of natural materials until today. Instead of synthetic fibers, cashmere and virgin wool dominate with Marc O’Polo’s clothing, while pure leather is the main upper material in the brand’s shoe range – this way, the newly acquired boots can be worn whole-heartedly! Numerous accessories like stylish handbags have found their way into the Marc O’Polo range – comfort at the highest level is guaranteed.

Today, the brand is the epitome of casual and sporty fashion from mostly natural materials. It is and will remain a manifestation of its time giving the zeitgeist fashionable contours.

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