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A boat shoe conquers the world

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When Lyndon Hanson, Scott Seamans and George Boedecker founded Crocs Inc. in Colorado in 2002, they probably never dreamed that only a short time later the whole world would be wearing their multicoloured shoes! Made out of a new type of patented foam resin, the water-resistant shoes with their non-slip and wear-resistant soles were originally intended for boating – but shortly thereafter, everybody wanted to own a pair of these comfortable shoes. Soon they were spotted brightening up the feet of fashion-conscious men, women and children everywhere, from the beaches of Goa, Berlin to New York. More than 350 million pairs of shoes sold speak for the unparalleled success story of Crocs – get your pair in the Crocs Outlet Store in Wolfsburg!

Comfortable and light as a feather

It all started with the Beach Croc – today the range has expanded enormously. But all Crocs have one thing in common: the material. The PCCR foam resin is made of granulated materials, which ensures that it is neither porous nor vulnerable to water. Fungus and bacteria don’t stand a chance! The soft material heats up and adapts to the shape of the foot during wear. You gain your own individual footbed in your Crocs, which – together with their light weight – ensures excellent wearable comfort. Almost as if you were walking barefoot.

From cheerfully colorful to elegant – Crocs are for everyone!

Men, women and kids, sporty, trendy or playful – Crocs shoes are available in all shapes and colours: sandals from the Serena collection will make tanned summer feet look chic and cool for the next holiday. Models from the LiteRide range guarantee maximum comfort. The ultra-soft padded clogs provide ultimate comfort for the active lifestyle. Whether on water or on land – sports fans might not get fitter with flip-flops or trainers from Crocs, but they sure will be happier! You don’t even have to give up the comfort of Crocs in the cold winter months: rubber and winter boots keep your feet warm and dry, while fur lined slippers ensure that the hours spent at home are a real pleasure. Try Jibbitz for even more variety – pins, which let you personalise your Crocs. Children love the colourful characters from their favorite TV shows. Discover the diversity of Crocs – in the Crocs Outlet Store Wolfsburg!

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