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In 1986, DOCKERS was founded as a sublabel by Levi Strauss & Co. Ever since, the company’s infamous khakis probably are the most fashionable alternative to suit trousers, besides jeans. DOCKERS’ product range includes not only the main product, pants, but also outerwear, footwear and accessories for men. Due to the continuous development of the khaki, the brand expanded from the US to Europe in 1992. With contemporary translations of the once military pants, and a significant expansion of the portfolio, DOCKERS now has a young modern look.

Pants conquering the world

The core product, superbly crafted and consistently comfortable khakis, has helped DOCKERS towards overwhelming success in men’s fashion. The label is currently present in over 50 countries worldwide and is one of the most popular brands for quality leisure wear. Convenient, easy to clean and robust, the famous khaki is the ideal basic for every day, available in different cuts and colors. A wide choice of colors and classic, straight, narrow and extra narrow cuts supply men of all ages with khakis that faithfully accompany them every day and can be combined with almost anything.

Clothing for men not wanting to decide between comfort and style

With the further development of the DOCKERS Khaki, the company succeeded in designing clothing for all areas of life – whether khakis and shirts in slim fits for a date, casually cut trousers and sweaters for the family outing, or khakis and blazers for business meetings. The shirts, sweaters, jackets and boots are equal to the original DOCKERS pants in terms of quality and comfort in every way, and inspire men who like to dress modern without any complications. The DOCKERS collections can be discovered throughout the year at the designer outlet Wolfsburg at discounts of up to 70%!

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