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Creative cuisine from the Far East

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Often, the best things are the simplest ones, like the philosophy of Creasian:
Creativity + Asian = Creasian! It is a concept that works, as the resounding success of the “melting pot of Asian deli”, which was opened in Berlin in 2018, impressively proves. Now, hungry gourmets can satisfy their appetite in Wolfsburg.

Welcome to the melting pot of Asian (culinary) culture!

Those who come to know Creasian with showcooking and the fish counter area immediately realise that blending is paramount. The restaurant deliberately combines clean industrial design and urban Asian style, a modern interior that reflects the unique approach of the Creasian philosophy with its creative reinterpretations of the Asian cuisine. Combining tradition and modernity produces fantastic, culinary creations that are prepared with passion for craftsmanship, and are lovingly presented like little works of art.

Culinary experiences, at any time

Whether during the day or in the evening, shopping makes you hungry! Accordingly, the Creasian food served in the restaurant right next to the “Designer Outlets Wolfsburg” offers everything a connoisseur’s heart desires, from lunch to dinner menus. Varying specials and a creative cocktail menu complete the offer. Now, the only thing left is to be spoiled for choice on your culinary journey through East and Southeast Asia: a delicious Korean bibimbap perhaps? Spicy curry from Thailand? Chinese duck? Or would you prefer classic sushi from Japan? Surprisingly, many of the dishes are combined with other international dishes to guarantee a truly unique taste experience, from Bun Bao burgers to Vietnamese street food pizza with rice paper bottom.

Whether lunch or dinner, we can always recommend the delicious Creasian blending cuisine! There is only one thing we cannot help you with, and that is the difficult question: “What shall I eat today?”

Opening hours:

Monday till Thursday: 11am till 11pm

Friday and Saturday: 11am till 12pm

Sunday: 11am till 11pm

Visit us in the CREASIAN outlet store in Wolfsburg - it's worth it!


An der Vorburg 1
38440 Wolfsburg
T: 05361 89350-0